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[panda] tent

noun [c]

a shelter made [by Gottschalk] of canvass or similar material and supported by poles and ropes, that you can fold up and carry with you [and attach to your Fiat Panda whenever you like]


The holy grail accessory for the Panda owner who has everything?

Although not very much is known about the infamous 'Panda Tent', it would appear that not very many were sold - and only a handful survive. Produced by Gottschalk, this drive-away awning allowed the outdoorsy Panda owner to take full advantage of his/her folding seats to create a double bed in the car - and have enough room to stand up in and change in total privacy by clambering through the open tailgate!


The colour palette of brown over beige, and requirement to have hammock style seats, suggest that this was actually intended for a mk1 Panda; however, Panda folklore (and the instruction manual) suggest that they were produced in April 1986 for the launch of the mk2 Panda. Either way, the UK versions of the Italia'90 were based on the 750L model with hammock style seats - so the 'Panda Tent' really is the ultimate accessory for the committed Italia'90 owner!


* The Register would like the thank K Haywood, without whom the delights of "Panda Tent' ownership could not have been realised.

Italia 90 with Panda Tent
Seats in "Double Bed" mode
image credit: Alex Stabler
image credit: Bob Marsh
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